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                Philippines first-ever InterPOP music group brings together their individual musical background and artistic influences to create a tapestry of unique musical experience for self-expression. They are called Down To Mars because it is an understatement of humility while marveling to the unique world of unlimited creative inspirations. For Down To Mars, music and dance are artistic platforms to leverage their notions about life and bridge these messages to the world of multi-cultures. 


It was never a tragic moment when two of its members, Kiro and Sky, decided to elave the group for very important decisions in life. After all; people make paradigm shifts to leap far and greater in life. It was a happy send-off that they lft the group with high spirit and got the group's support as well. Right now, their two previous members are enjoying as they do their individual endeavors.

Occasionally they still meet and do their most favorite pastime... DOTA (Defense Of The Ancient) and recount some of their best time together with heartily giggles.Now that Down To Mars becomes five, they even make it bigger. Each members discover their strength and polished their craft skillfully. 

New and bigger opportunities are coming in.

These are brought about by their commitment and passion to what they do.

Now, Down To Mars is ready to soar higher and even brighter under Discovery Media Entertainment and they are even equipped with morals and values as Ambassadors of the Philippine Red Cross.





0 #13 Cherrilyn 2014-07-27 14:37
hi marsian :)
0 #12 Accu Si 2014-07-16 19:34
How much i love to have a picture of you with me , but i know that would'nt happen cause i dont have a picture of you when you came here in LIBERTAD NATIONAL HIGH SCHOOL :( How iI wish that you would recognize me . I am you #0 fan :( OPPA SARANGI .. SARANGI :(

Ako nga po pala yung babae sa RMALL BUTUAN na may hawak ng bandpaper na may naka lagay na pangalan mo . Nung mga oras nayon naghintay ako dahil sabi mo WAIT LANG .. haha kaso umalis na pala kayo nun :( hindi ko man lang kayo na abotan gustong gusto ko po talagang magpa picture nun sainyo kaso umalis na nga kayo kaya umuwi nalang din po ako :( OPPA Sarangi
0 #11 Aku Xii Roxanne 2014-07-12 16:19
super akong kinilig sa pag punta nang downtomars..
halos hindi maka tulog sa kaiisip.l.
grabe ang gwapo nila... :P :roll:
klig much akuh..
see you sa concert niyo..
sanan lang may VIP ako..
0 #10 Aku Xii Roxanne 2014-07-12 16:16
hai dowtomars..
i miss you all
0 #9 Mary Jane 2014-07-12 09:17
good morning po.. super duper daming kinilig sa butuan haha..dama hanggang dito sa manila..",! :lol: :lol:

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