About Us

Down To Mars

The Philippines first-ever InterPOP music group brings together their individual musical background and artistic influences to create a tapestry of unique musical experience for self-expression. They are called Down To Mars because it is an understatement of humility while marveling to the unique world of unlimited creative inspirations. For Down To Mars, music and dance are artistic platforms to leverage their notions about life and bridge these messages to the world of multi-cultures.

Who would have thought that these seven young dreamers would shape a fate that will pave to unfold colorful and dynamic journey in music-showbiz industry?

It was a year ago when these seven lads saw each other and found some surprising commonalities among each other. First they look intensely Asians but not just that, they also found-out that they all have inter-Asian race from being partly Filipino, half Korean, Japanese and Chinese. Second, they exclaimed in joy when they saw each other having flair for fashion-forward garments and exude confidence wearing dramatic and iconic looks. Third, the excitement even grew when each of them learned that they have the same passion for music and could gracefully dance the songs that they sang. So they clicked and became friends then later declared themselves as brothers. Not knowing that those days of early bonding, late-night-acoustic singing sessions and heartily moments of mimicking some dances of Asian boy bands would became the prime ingredients for the birth of an unheard name of a boy group called DOWN TO MARS

At first, they were just writing songs among themselves, put music on it and sang all-night-long. In fact, they have already composed twelve original songs before the group went mainstream. Yet they continue to pin great optimism that one day; some of these songs will get to be heard and inspire people and hopefully contribute to Philippine music.

The bond and singing sessions became frequent scene in Kenjis house (one DTM members). Until Mommy Bing Chua, Kenjis Mom, came into the picture and sat down with them to discuss how they wished to be helped. So it led them to numerous mall shows gaining the group some great number of followers. Mommy Bings love is unrelenting. She leveled up her support by producing a major concert for Down To Mars at Mindanao, Butuan City to a huge stadium as concert venue last May 17, 2011. It was a risk but with the grand alliance of local institutions and City Government plus the unique marketing strategy, the concert was a huge success making Down To Mars by fair, the first boy group in the country to be showcased in a self-major concert but not yet appearing on any mainstream mileage. Indeed it was a baptism of fire!

All those were being tracked by Ms. Geleen Eugenio who is an icon and a well-respected star-builder in the industry. She thought that this country has a scarcity for new breed of boy groups unlike the vibrant growth happening in our neighboring countries. So, she brought the boys of Down To Mars to the doorstep of GMA Artists Center for an auditions.

Ms. Wilma Galvante, former Senior Vice President of GMA-Entertainment, coined the term INTER-POP to profound a trademark of unique Filipino with half inter-asian races that come together to unify a creative force of music.

They went qrueling workshops to hone the even more. Then they were seen and performed regularly in the countrys top-rating musical variety show Party Pilipinas. Down To Mars is finally on the limelight. The fan-base grew tremendously and called these fanatics as €˜MARSIANS. They are now reaching as far as Indonesia, Hawaii, Spain and Korea thanks to twitter and Facebook.

PolyEast Records took notice of their songs and made them signed under their record label. Now, their original songs are finally reverberating on various media platforms. Down To Mars music is an artistic platform to leverage their notions of life and bridge these messages to the world of multi-cultures.

Down To Mars is aware that what they are achieving right now is just a beginning of greater challenges ahead. They are determined to face the world and always remain humble in the limelight and forever be thankful to the people and institutions who are instrumental to what they are reaping right now.

Down To Mars is indeed an invasion of positive spirit and empowered youth.